Xristos Anesti (Happy Easter)

Greek Easter, or Pascha, is the most important holiday for Greeks – even more so than Christmas! Pascha celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection and is different from the Christian Easter. Greek Easter uses the Julian calendar to calculate the date and is celebrated one to two weeks after the Christian Easter. Great for us when buyingContinue reading “Xristos Anesti (Happy Easter)”

My Great Tex-Mex Adventure

I recently had the opportunity to travel to San Antonio, Texas (home of the Alamo and the Riverwalk).  I was excited to experience the food greatly influenced by their Mexican neighbor nearby. Not only was the city deeply entrenched in Mexican art, but the food did not disappoint. From fajitas to barbeque, Texas has aContinue reading “My Great Tex-Mex Adventure”

So, It’s 2023

As the New Year begins, predictions are everywhere about what we can expect in the coming year. From food trends to end-of-the-word prophecies, you can read about anything you want on the internet.   Predicting the future is as old as time. The word itself comes from the Latin term meaning “foretelling.” In reality, predictions wereContinue reading “So, It’s 2023”

Will We Run Out of Food?

There is a theory circulating on the world wide web that I recently came across. In this theory, some argue that we will run out of food by 2050. How possible is a crisis like this? We already see food shortages on store shelves, but much of this can be attributed to supply chain issuesContinue reading “Will We Run Out of Food?”

Is the Earth Flat?

Recently, I had a get-together with family and friends, and we started discussing conspiracy theories.  One of these that came up was the “Flat Earth Theory.” Yes, you heard it. Members of such groups as the Flat Earth Society and some celebrities, like NBA player Kyrie Irving, believe that the earth is not a sphereContinue reading “Is the Earth Flat?”

Metabolism and You

Most of us believe that our metabolism is at its peak during our teenage years and early twenties. Who can forget getting ready to go out at 10:00 p.m. and the late nights out with friends? Unfortunately, as we age, that 10:00 p.m. turns into getting ready for bed instead of a nighttime adventure. WeContinue reading Metabolism and You

Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?

I may be a little biased when talking about different cuisines. Food has always been an integral part of our day in a Greek household. I love to try food from other cultures, but truth be told, I always come back to Greek food. That is not to say that other countries don’t have noteworthyContinue reading Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?

The World of Diets

If you are anything like millions of people around the world, weight has always been an issue. I once had someone describe themselves as “fluffy,” which I thought was an excellent way to express oneself when your body shape did not follow the statuesque model shapes constantly promoted in the media. After all, we can’tContinue reading The World of Diets

Science Vs. Nature

You start with a simple plant. That’s natural. From there, it goes through various degrees of processing and possibly manipulation. Can it still be considered food from nature? Does this food exist, or are we fooling ourselves into thinking that? When does food stop being natural, and when does science take over?     Why NaturalContinue reading Science Vs. Nature